Alright lets start this off with the obvious: Nintendo's in a place it rather doesn't want to be. Both financially and in a general opinion way. Now to put my title into the right position. I am a Nintendofan. I'm don't have anything against the competing companies. I just like Nintendo's games, wheter it's Mario, Zelda, Pokemon or Kirby you name it.

But I really, really like the position Nintendo is in right now. For a couple of reasons. This post is meant however to open discussions, so i'm looking forward to some hefty comments below.

So Nintendo has been posting operating losses. I've only ever made it to retail management (and failed miserably) so I'm not much of an economist, but I'm quite sure this equates to Nintendo making less profits than previous periods.But they are indeed still making profits, so the company isn't going down soon. The danger is in the investors, who by their reactions devalue the company, leaving the company with less funds to operate and as a result, take les risks. However knowing Nintendo and knowing a bit of business strategy, this is the best time to take risks. And risks are what Nintendo is taking right now.

Take the collaborations Nintendo is having for example, Hyrule Warriors is the latest example. Nintendo has stated to engage in more of these collaberotations. And the fact that third parties have a say in these collaborations has been made clear by Cia's design. This is definitely not a Nintendo designed character (full disclosure: i don't take Veran of OoA into consideration as that's a Capcom character). Stronger still, the entire warriors series doesn't match with Nintendo's design philosphy. The warriors series have gameplay be the driving force of the game instead of the environments. This is not a Nintendolike standpoint but still they trudge on.

Another risk Nintendo is taking is toys. Nintendo is branching out it's IP licensing. This means we as consumers get more choice in Nintendo merchandise, which is good. This also means that toy manufacturers can hold the life of these characters in their hands. Imagine the return of Samus tarnished by some manufacturer using lead. This would have repricussions on the investor's trust in a character.

There are more places where Nintendo's going further than they've gone but I'm taking just one more example: their Nintendo Figurine Character platform or NFC platform. Many are making the skylander and Disney Infitinity example. One might even say they are copying. Nintendo thus far has always steered clear of copying, but now they are giving in to making these. Granted the major difference is that the NFC characters will be useable across multiple games which is a major difference. But it's still a move that suggests it's a copy. I imagine it's even more humiliating for mr. Iwata & co after they've turned down an initial deal for exclusivity on skylanders.


All in all, a cornered Nintendo is a fighting Nintendo. And a fighting Nintendo leads to interesting ideas. In the long run, i'd love to see Nintendo succeed and become number 1 in both sales and hearts again. But that's just because i want them to stay in business and keep creating games. But if i'm honest, take these down's and fight. Because i'm really loving a Mario who'se gloves came off.